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K-5 Workshop Schedule

Session 1: End September 30th
Session 2: October 10th – December 2nd
Session 3:  January 9 – March 3
Session 4: March  13 – May 12

Registration Begins Monday, December 12th at 10am for Red Track and Wednesday 10am for White Track. Register online:

Important Procedures:
PLTW students will enter through the front of the school and meet their instructor by the Founder’s Tree. All other workshop students will meet at the East Gate.All students will be picked up at the East Gate with the exception to the students that are attending  workshops that end at 1:45pm. Those students will be picked up in the back of the school, please enter through the Sherman Rd. gate.

Workshops are limited to 25 students. Parents will be notified on Friday if they are confirmed to attend a workshop.

White Track students can only sign up starting Wednesday at 10am. If any White Track student signs up before Wednesday 10am their request will be removed.  

For more information on PLTW visit Mrs. Wheeler’s PTLW page for more details:

This third session will cover propagating winter garden plants from seed, clearing the garden beds from any plants that died from the frost, composting the green waste, and planting wild flowers and bulbs.  The students should bring an apron, garden gloves, hat, sunscreen and a water bottle.

The PE Fun workshops are  taught by Mr. Rodriguez. He will be teaching our workshop students the importance of fitness. During our third session, I will be covering more athletic type fitness such as volleyball and basketball.

Sawhorse:  This workshop is to prepare students with introductory engineering skills.  The workshop is meaningful play geared towards critical thinking using tactile and cognitive skills and strategies.  Students will construct a variety of STEM based objects.  Such as 3D construction of prisms and cubes.

The Art Workshop is taught by Mrs. Ines Miller.  Mrs. Miller is a self-taught  artist working  in a variety of mediums  as oils, acrylics, graphite, color pencil, pen & ink & digital art painting. She has done many commissioned art work  painting pet portraits.

Drawing allows us to demonstrate how we see the world, whether realistically or abstractly. Session 3 and 4 will provide students with a solid foundation in essential drawing skills, while still providing opportunities for creative expression.
Students will continue to practice the fundamentals of line, value and perspective as we explore in detail about figurative drawing, gesture and 3-D Sculptures.

The Art Workshop is taught by Mrs. Ines Miller. Mrs. Miller is a self-taught artist working in a variety of mediums as oils, acrylics, graphite, color pencil, pen & ink & digital art painting.

  • Do I have to sign up my child for session 2 if they were enrolled in session 1?  Yes, every session is different and requires a new enrollment.
  • Do I have to fill out an enrollment form for PLTW Class and workshops or will I be able to sign my child up on one form?  We have combined the enrollment form into ONE FORM, therefore you only have to complete one form per child.  You do however, have to fill out a separate form for each child in your home.
  • Can I just sign my child up for one workshop or just PLTW Class, two workshops or three workshops?  Yes, you can pick and choose what you would like your child to attend.
  • I did not receive an informational email after I enrolled my student last session, what happened?  First, a confirmational email and informational email are TWO different emails.  A confirmational email is sent out immediately following the registration process to let the parent know that we have received your request for enrollment.  Please keep in mind that completing the form does NOT guarantee a spot.  If you do NOT receive a confirmational email, (as this is instant) then YOU  MAY HAVE TYPED IN THE WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS.  An informational email will be sent out on the Friday following Online Sign-Ups notifying you of the status of your enrollment.  You will also be notified in the email of teacher expectations and details of the PLTW Class or Workshop that you signed your child up for.  Please keep in mind that if you signed your child up for PLTW Class and 3 workshops you WILL RECEIVE 4 different emails from 4 different teachers.
  • Can I sign my child up for everything offered? Yes
  • Can my child be sent to the Red Track room to meet with their teacher, turn paperwork in, or pick up work?  No. We are not permitted to send your child anywhere on campus.  This includes the Red Track Room and Library.  We can not send them to pick up items that need to be taken home.  Please park in a designated parking spot, pick up your child, and sign into the office.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • My child will be leaving after PLTW Class when they normally stay, can I just tell my child to meet me out front?  No, parents that intend on taking their child home early from their grade level day, MUST PARK in the parking lot, not the RED ZONE and sign your child out.  Please do not email the teacher asking the teacher to take them out for pick up as they do not always have access to their email.
  • My child is receiving an award during an assembly will the teacher bring my child to the assembly?  No, you will need to sign your child out and bring them to the assembly.
  • My child is participating in an activity that takes place at after school, will the teacher take my child to the activity or can they wait somewhere until the event takes place?  No, all students need to be picked up at the end of the class/workshop.  Teachers will not be taking students to events.
  • We have a planned family vacation and my child will miss the first day of PLTW class, will they be dropped?  Yes, the content of PLTW can not made up at home and attendance is mandatory.  If you know that your child will miss the first class session please do not sign them up.  If you also know that your child will miss more than one day of PLTW for vacation or some other reason please do not sign them up as they are taking a spot from a student that could have been in attendance for all sessions
  • My child wants to attend a field trip but it is their grade level PLTW Class/Workshop day, what do we do?  Students are permitted to miss ONE PLTW Class, so attending the field trip will not drop them from the class.  However, they will have to attend every class after that.


    1. What do I do if my child has to miss a class?  Email the teacher to let them know that your child will be absent.  If your child misses a PLTW class they ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE ABSENT WORK.  Parents can find the assignments on the PLTW Blog on the left hand side of the Blog titled Absent Work.  If they assignment is not completed students will receive a zero for the day.


  • It is a minimum day for elementary students, do we still have PLTW Class and Workshops?  When there is a minimum day scheduled PLTW Class will continue as scheduled.  However, there will not be workshops.  All PLTW students will go home after class.  Please refer to our school calendar on our school website for dates,
  • The last session ends at 1:45 and my Blue Track student gets out at 2:10, can they wait in the office?  No, all students that end at 1:45 MUST BE picked up in the back of the school off of Sherman Road, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Where is pick up for PLTW class that ends at 10:00 AM, Workshop that ends at 11:15, and the workshop that ends at 12:45?  Parents will pick these students up IN FRONT of the school.  Please drive all the way up, students will be standing at the end before the roundabout.  We will NO LONGER be going through the office for pick up, we are exiting through what is referred to you as the East Gate.  All parents need to pick up their students from the East Gate, we are not permitted to send the students to the Founders Tree or Library to meet parents.
  • Kindergarten only offers PLTW class on One Workshop?  Last session they were offered PLTW Class and three workshops, did something change?  Yes, a full day of PLTW Class and Workshops was overwhelming for our Kindergarten students.  Therefore we are offering PLTW Class and one workshop.  The workshop will rotate each session and change.  The kindergarten day ends at 11:00 AM and students will be picked up at the East Gate in front of the school.
  • Can I drop my child off for workshops that start at 10:15 and 11:45 and have them go through the office?  No, all students will be dropped off in-front of the school at the end of the pick up line BEFORE the roundabout.  All students need to be dropped off on time.  If you do NOT see the teacher you need to park and bring your child into the office and sign them in for workshops.  The teachers will be entering the school at precisely 10:15 and 11:15.
  • I am running late to pick up my child, what do I do and where will my child be?  Students that are picked up 15 minutes after the class/workshop has ended will be walked to the office.  Parents MUST park and come into the office to sign their children out.  Please do not park in Red Zone for safety concerns.
  • What materials are needed for PLTW?  Pencil Box or Pouch labeled with your child’s name and includes the following items, 2 sharpened pencils,  glue stick and crayons.
  • What materials are needed for Garden Club? A garden gloves and a garden apron or shirt to wear over uniform shirt as we will be working with dirt.  Please have your child wear sunscreen before they come to school as we are working outside.  Optional, hat.  Students can not wear hats in the classroom.
  • What materials are needed for PE Fun?  Students may bring athletic shoes and do not have to be school uniform shoes.  However students may wear their uniform Tennis Shoes.  Tennis Shoes only please as we will be participating in sport activities.  We encourage you to put on Sunscreen before arriving at school and students may wear a hat outside if preferred.  On formal dress days students may come to school wearing uniform shorts and polo as long as they are NOT attending the assembly.  If you child is receiving an award or participating in the assembly they must be in Formal Dress Attire.