The staff at Santa Rosa Academy is dedicated to the education of all children and will provide the school with the support needed to provide an excellent program. We are dedicated to supporting families who desire a more personalized approach to their child’s education.

Our teachers are not only experienced in the traditional school setting but in home schooling as well. Our teachers average over 10 years of experience. All are credentialed by the State of California and many possess advanced degrees. Our high school teachers also possess Single Subject Credentials in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Sciences, and Spanish.
Our Special Education Liaison assists in diagnosing and assessing reading difficulties and provides strategic interventions. A Curriculum Specialist works with parents in making curricular choices that will provide the most educational benefit and will keep the school abreast of new curricular options. A High School Counselor assists high school students in making college and career decisions.r

The Director of the school has over 20 years of educational experience in traditional and charter schools, holds current teaching and administrative credentials, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and, most importantly, is a parent of children at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Although the position involves more than managing the educational program, the administration works closely with the School Board, the Development Committee and charter organizations to build a strategic plan that includes a fiscally responsible business foundation.

Support Staff:
The Support Staff at Santa Rosa Academy consist of a Chief Business Officer, Office Receptionist, Registrar and other clerical staff. They have experience in school operations, public relations, finance and human resources and will provide the school with excellent support in all areas.

Photo Last First Assignment Ext. Building Room Website Email
Addiss Cynthia SAI – High School 5103 Cabrillo Hall 5103  N/A
msaguilar Aguilar Camile Noon Supervisor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Aguilar Michele Curriculum & Assessment 1204 Isbell Administration 1204 N/A
Alvarado Trisha Blue MS Science 4204 Portola Hall 4204 Website
Arballo Peter Facilities Manager Presidio N/A
Azlin Stacey Red K-5 3114 Serra Hall 3114 N/A
Badillo Danielle Media Production Specialist 2100 Technology Center 2100 N/A
Badillo Laura Executive Director 1202 Isbell Administration N/A
Ted Badillo Badillo Ted Blue PLTW / Maker Space Instructor / Red Erulelementary 4101 Portola Hall 3115/4101 Website
Barajas Jennifer Instructional Aide 3111 Serra Hall 3111 N/A
msbatin Batin Amie Red K-6 3114 Serra Hall 3114 Website
Bennett Cheryl Instructional Aide 5103  Cabrillo Hall  5103 N/A
Bernard Rachel White 2nd 3116 Serra Hall 3116
Borjas Christopher Blue 1st 3103 Serra Hall 3103 Website
MrsBriggs Briggs Lauren Blue MS Math 4103 Portola Hall 4103 Website
MrBriggs Briggs Shawn Blue 5th 3118 Serra Hall 3118 Website
Brown Amy Blue Kindergarten 3101 Serra Hall 3151
Brown Dena Blue 3rd 3108 Serra Hall 3108 Website
Brown Dejon
Instructional Aide
Bryant Darla RSP/SAI K-5 3110 Serra Hall 3110 N/A
Buckland Ms. Kristie Red K-2 /Teacher Support/RTI Liaison 3110 Serra Hall 3110 N/A
Cacanindin Lance Athletic Trainer / Coordinator 6121 Badillo Center 6121 N/A
Calica Ryan IT Tech II 2203 Technology Center 2203 N/A
Campos Elizabeth Blue HS Spanish 5204 Portola Hall 5204 Website
Carranza Danielle Blue MS Social Studies 4107 Portola Hall 4107 Website
Carson Brianne Blue HS PE 6107 Badillo Center 6107 Website
Cathcart Nohemi Blue HS Biology 5207 Portola Hall 4215 Website
MrChapman Chapman Brandon Blue MS Social Studies 4106 Portola Hall 4106 Website
Mrschapman-thumb Chapman Sofia Blue HS English 5107 Cabrillo Hall 5107 Website
Chisholm Christi Red Track HS/Blue Geometry  4215 Portola Hall  4215 Website
Conte Nichelle Administrative Assistant 1107 Isbell Administration 1107 N/A
Correa Tiffany Enrollment Clerk 1158 Isbell Administration
MsCosio Cosio Yvonne Blue 3rd 3107 Serra Hall 3107 Website
mrsdelahoya De La Hoya Julie White 1st 3117 Serra Hall 3117
Delgado Bianca Red MS 4209 Portola Hall 4209
Delican Denise Blue 4th 3112 Serra Hall 3113 Website
Dore MacKenzie White 4th 3157 Serra Hall 3117
Duong Anthony Psychologist 2102 Carmel Library 2102 N/A
DeVault Sheri White 8th 4210 Portola Hall 4210
Terri Eggers Eggers Terri Adapted Physical Education 4101 Portola Hall N/A
Elizondo Yonia White 5/Red & White Track Lead TK-8 3114 Serra Hall 3114 Website
Enniss Beth Special Ed. School Nurse 1102 Isbell Administration 1102 N/A
Falsetto Kati White 5th 3156 Serra Hall 3116
Fearing Tracie Blue HS Art 5102 Cabrillo Hall 5102 Website
Felt William Blue HS Drama/Leadership 5110 Cabrillo Hall 5110 Website
Flores Gabriel Blue HS PE 6117 Badillo Center 6117 Website
MrsFox_edited-1 Fox Janice Red Elementary 3114 Serra Hall 3114 Website
Franks Hunter IT Tech I 2203 Technology Center 2203 N/A
Galicia Karla Blue HS Red HS 5206, 5210 Cabrillo Hall 3103 Website
Gallagher Carmen Blue 1st 3103 Serra Hall 3103 Website
Gonzalez Daniel Blue HS Physics/Red HS 5210 Cabrillo Hall 5210 Website
Gaylord Jason Blue HS World History / U.S. History 5203 Cabrillo Hall 5203 US Hist, World Hist
Goodwyn Emily White Kindergarten 3152 Serra Hall 3102 Website
Graves Dave C.B.O. 1209 Isbell Administration 1209 N/A
Gresham Mireya Blue 2nd 3105 Serra Hall 3105 Website
Haskins Anne Marie Special Education Assistant 1505 Isbell Administration 1105 Website
Haskins Brandon Student Support Coordinator/ Instructional Support 1108 Isbell Administration 1108 N/A
Hartman Sarah Blue HS English/Dual Enrollment HS History 5105 Cabrillo Hall 5105 Website
Hermosillo Leticia Office Manager 1103 Isbell Administration 1103 N/A
Heron Teri Assistant Principal 1106 Isbell Administration 1106 N/A
Hill Tanya HR Clerk 1207 Isbell Administration 1207 N/A
Hobbs Jennifer Noon Supervisor/Breakfast Program Isbell Administration N/A
Holmquist Jasmine Health/Records Clerk 1111 Isbell Administration 1101 N/A
MsJames_edited-1 James Midge RTI Service Provider Isbell Administration N/A
Jenkins Michael Security Isbell Administration N/A
Jimenez George IT Tech III / Lead 2203 Technology Center 2203 N/A
Johnson Ellie RSP Serra Hall 3111 N/A
Johnson Michelle Director of Special Ed 1106 Isbell Administration 1106 N/A
Jones Perry Blue MS PE 6117 Badillo Center 6117 Website
Kemner Tracy HS Math 5206 Cabrillo Hall 5206 Website
Kirk Richard RSP Middle School 4104 Portola Hall 4104  N/A
Lara Jennifer Assistant to Athletic Director 6502 Badillo Center 6502 N/A
Leal Christina MS Math 4102 Portola Hall 4102 Website
Leiman Temma Blue HS Math 5111 Cabrillo Hall 5111 Website
Martin Lotman Lotman Martin Maintenance Supervisor N/A Presidio 7101 N/A
Cheryl Maricic Maricic Cheryl Speech Therapist Serra Hall 3111 N/A
Mays Mike Blue HS Engineering 5108 Cabrillo Hall 5109 Website
Mays Linda Blue HS English 5110 Cabrillo Hall 5110 Website
McMullen Niki Academic Counselor 1107 Isbell Administration 1107 Website
Melendrez Pedro Custodial N/A Presidio 7101 N/A
Monsoor Kristin Red TK 3102 Serra Hall 3102/3618 N/A
Montoya Robert CTE Horticulture 4101 Serra Hall 3115/4101
Munstock Susie Attendance 1203 Isbell Administration 1203 N/A
Murphy Jeremy Blue MS Language Arts 4202 Portola Hall 4202 Website
MrsMuscarella_edited-1 Muscarella Valerie Blue 5th 3113 Serra Hall 3113 Website
Myers Sarah Flex Coordinator /Instructional Support/Algebra Teacher/Math Lead 4207 Cabrillo Hall Website
Nichols Jeff School Safety Officer 1100 Isbell Administration 1153 N/A
Nilsson Paula Accounts Payable/Office Clerk 1257 Isbell Administration 1257 N/A
MrsOlsen_edited-1 Olsen Rebecca Registrar / CalPads 1109 Isbell Administration 1109 N/A
Paez Eduardo Blue H.S. Chemistry 5209 Cabrillo Hall 5209
Pawlowski Misty Blue MS Tech / Biomed 4108 Portola Hall 4108 Website
mrspulver Pulver Jamie Office Clerk N/A Carmel Library 2013 N/A
Randle Bradley Fitness Support Badillo Center N/A
Reed Mariela RSP 5104 Cabrillo Hall 5104 N/A
Revard Joanne Human Resources 1208 Isbell Administration 1208 N/A
Roberts Emily MS Language Arts 4201 Portola Hall 4201 Website
SRA-NoPic-Icon Roddy Brittney Blue Kindergarten AM 3101 Serra Hall 3101 Website
mrrodriguez Rodriguez Julio CTE Public Safety 4101 Serra Hall 3115/4101 N/A
Ross Zachary Blue HS Spanish 5205 Portola Hall 5205 Website
Ruiz Maira Payroll 1208 Isbell Administration 1258 N/A
Rule Rick  Red Track 5207 HS Biology 5207 Website
Salas Erica White MS English 4506 Portola Hall 4205 Website
MsSalazar_edited-1 Salazar Adriana Blue 4th 3109 Serra Hall 3109 Website
Sanchez Kelsey White English / History MS 4206 Portola Hall 4206 Website
Sanchez Miguel Blue HS Engineering 5108 Cabrillo Hall 5108 Website
Seipp Jessica Purchasing/Receiving Clerk 7102 Presidio 7102 N/A
robin Shannon Robin IT Manager/Campus Communications Coordinator 2201 Technology Center 2201 N/A
MrsTinaShannon Shannon Tina Special Education Liaison 1508 Isbell Administration 1105 N/A
Shaw Kathleen Executive Assistant to Executive Director 1202 Isbell Administration 1202 N/A
mrsilang Silang John Blue HS 5201 Cabrillo Hall 5201 Website
msilver Silver Melissa Library Tech 2101 Carmel
2101 N/A
Seow Josephine Instructional Aide 5104/3110  Cabrillo/Serra Hall 5104/3110 N/A
Solarz Sharmet Blue MS Science 4203 Portola Hall 4203 Website
Stearns Denise Blue 1st 3104 Serra Hall 3104 Website
MrStearns Stearns Nick Principal 1208 Isbell Administration 1208 N/A
Taylor Richard  Red Track Red Track N/A
Tavarez Andres Blue 2nd 3106 Serra Hall 3106 Website
Thompson Yi-fen Bookkeeper 1206 Isbell Administration 1206 N/A
mrtorres Torres Daniel High School Athletic Director 6102 Badillo Center 6102 N/A
Tuley Janell Speech 3111 Serra Hall 3111 N/A
Trask Kati Noon Supervisor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Van der eb Michael Maintenace N/A Presidio N/A N/A
Van Bebber Missie Red HS English 4214 Portola Hall 4214
Virginia (Ginny) Vender Vender Virginia (Ginny) White 3rd 3162 Serra Hall 3102 Website
Vorabouth Alex HS Cabrillo Hall
mrswallace Wallace Cynthia Red HS 4212 Portola Hall 4212 Website
Wardle Lisa Red MS Portola Hall
Wheeler Kelly Blue MS PLTW 4109 Portola Hall 4109 Website
mrwitczak Witczak Walt American Sign Language Cabrillo Hall 5203, 5204, 5210 Website
Worthington Leilani HS Blue Chemistry 5208 Cabrillo Hall 5208 Website
Wohleb William Blue HS Graphic Arts  5202 Cabrillo Hall 5202 Website
Wood Jessica Red MS  4205 Portloa Hall 4205
Wood (Ault) Morgan Blue MS PE 6107 Badillo Center  6107  Website