Red Track

Santa Rosa Academy uses a variety of quality curricular options for students. After assessing your child’s strengths and interests, your Educational Advisor will develop a program suited specifically to your child. The staff has selected traditional state adopted materials as well as many home study and supplemental favorites.

A few offerings include:

Houghton Mifflin Aims
Harcourt Marcy Cook
Glencoe Saxon
Sopris West Excel
McMillian McGraw Hill Character First
McDougall Littell Educational Publishers Service

White and Blue Tracks

State adopted curricular options, listed above, will be made available to our students on White and Blue Tracks. Since both tracks include a site based component either full or part time, traditional textbooks are the main academic offering to students. However, teachers also utilize a variety of supplemental materials and create their own curriculum to best suit the needs of the students. Projects, hands on activities and experiential learning are also integrated into the classroom setting.

While we strive to work for mastery of the California State Standards on all tracks, we also want to be able to work with your child’s strengths and address academic concerns, if needed. We expect all students to work to their full potential and we will continue to research the best curriculum options so as to provide choices that will continue to meet your child’s needs.