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SRA Character Assemblies (2017/2018)

May Schedule

May 11th:
HS 1:15pm (No Formal Dress)
May 15th: MS 11:00am (No Formal Dress)
May 22nd: 4th & 5th Grade Honor Roll Assembly (No Formal Dress)

Character Assembly Dress
Students are required to wear Formal­ dress attire for special occasions such as assemblies. Formal dress days will minimally occur once a month. Students must remain in formal dress attire for the entire day; this includes boys wearing a tie.

Character Assembly Procedures
Parents attending our Character Assemblies, please know that we have made changes on how to attend the assembly. Any parent attending the assembly will enter the campus either through the pedestrian gates or the rolling access gate located to the East of the administration building, then proceed through the parking lot to the blacktop. This will ensure that our campus remains closed as parents will not be signing-in and out at the front desk or walking through the main campus.

Month Character Traits Assembly Dates
August Conservation August 2017 – Elementary
August 2017 – Middle School
August 2017 – High School
September Loyalty September 27th, 2017
October Dependability October 31st, 2017
November/December Gerosity November 29th, 2017
January Thoroughness January 30th, 2018
February Forgivness February 28th, 2018
March Patience March 27th, 2018
April Honesty April 25th, 2018
May Diligence No High School
May 15, 2018 – K-2 Elementary/Middle School
May 23, 2018 – Elementary 4-5th

* Assembly times are different than regular schedule. Please see Campus Calendar for assembly times.