Lunch Committee Policies

Overages will be considered a donation (this is divided among the sponsoring clubs.

One form per student, however multiple forms for multiple students with the correct total dollar amount can be placed in one envelope.

CHECK OUR CALENDAR for minimum days and days we are not in school.

Any orders made in error due to minimum day or no school day can be carried over until the next week for that same day IF the parent or student contacts a member of the lunch committee via email. If payment is not used by the last Friday of the month, it will be considered a donation.

Contact Info:

Download Cash Order form

Cash lunch orders and money are collected each Friday to be counted and sorted for the next week we are in school.

No orders are to be accepted after 8:30am for that week.

  • Orders can be placed in the Lunch Order Box in the front office or given to the student’s 1st period teacher.

Only cash accepted and exact change is encouraged.