8th grade promotion will begin at 9am.  Please have all 8th grade students arrive no later than 8:15am on Friday, May 25th.
Student Dress Code will be semi-formal. Students will meet in the middle school quad area prior to the ceremony.
No stickers or visitor badges will be issued to those coming to the ceremony and you will not need to sign in at the front office. Please head directly to the gym.
A staff member will be in the gym lobby to help out any parents that want to check out student(s) to allow them to see their sibling(s) promote. Please have your ID readily available.
Handicap and Senior Citizens: The first row of the bleachers will be reserved for those attendees needing assistance.
Balloons and large gifts will not be permitted inside of the gym.  All of the 8th graders will walk outside of the gym after the promotion ceremony where parents and guests will be able to give any large gifts or balloons to them then.